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Welcome to the Myrtle Beach area! Whether it's your first visit or one of many, we want your time along The Grand Strand to be both enjoyable and memorable.

Our beach information includes tips for safe swimming, sun protection, and lifeguards. Here you'll also find links to other valuable vacation information including tips for vacation, tide charts and beach wheelchairs, just to name a few.

We hope you'll find this information both informative and helpful. We look forward to welcoming you back to the Myrtle Beach Area soon.

The Myrtle Beach Area Guide to Swim and Beach Safety signage at beach accessThe Myrtle Beach Area Chamber of Commerce in conjunction with the City of Myrtle Myrtle, South Carolina Department of Health and Environment Control and Coastal Waccamaw Stormwater Education Consortium has created, to inform visitors on updates on beach monitoring and includes an interactive S.C. Beach Access Guide with current swim advisories on local area beaches. You will find signage posted at area beaches to remind you to stay informed and safe while enjoying the beauty of our beaches.

Sun Protection

Don't let a sunburn spoil your vacation.

  • Use sunscreen with a high SPF, and apply 30 minutes before exposure to the sun, then reapply after swimming, physical activity, or prolonged time in the sun.
  • Wear a hat and swimsuit cover-up (or T-shirt) for added protection.
  • Avoid the midday sun.
  • Don't fall asleep while sunbathing.
  • Beware of cloudy days, because burning rays penetrate clouds.
  • Severe sunburns should be treated by a physician and may require special medication to reduce pain and swelling (if in doubt, consult a physician or hospital emergency department).


Lifeguards are on duty along many of the Grand Strand beaches during the summer months.  Inexperienced swimmers or families with children should make sure the beach area they visit is staffed by a lifeguard. Other pointers: don't swim alone; if you encounter a riptide (a strong current that can pull you away from shore), yell for help, and begin swimming parallel to the beach until you are free from the current's pull.

Jellyfish Stings

Most vacationers never experience a jellyfish sting, but if you or someone in your group is stung, follow these instructions:

  • Immediately scoop-up some sand and rub it on the sting underwater to wash away any remaining nettles;
  • Apply plain meat tenderizer, vinegar, or alcohol to neutralize most of the toxins; and, finally,
  • Wash the area with soap and fresh water.
  • If the sting is severe, consult a physician or hospital emergency department. If there is an allergic reaction, call 911 immediately.
  • Be careful of dead jellyfish that may have washed ashore; they can still sting.

Know and Obey Local Beach Ordinances

Beach ordinances vary according to each municipality and are posted at public beach accesses. Obey these guidelines for your safety and enjoyment and for that of others around you.

Municipality Beach Ordinances:

Be aware of these regulations that apply to all locations:

  • Sea Oats - It is illegal to cut, break, or otherwise destroy sea oat plants, beach grass, and sand fencing.
  • Animals - Check each locality for animal restrictions as dogs and horses are not allowed on some beaches.
  • Glass Containers - All glass containers are prohibited.
  • Fireworks - It is illegal for any person to use, fire, shoot, discharge, sell or offer for sale, store, exchange, give away or possess any fireworks within the city. This prohibition includes the beach. Fireworks displays by pyrotechnic professionals may be approved if properly permitted and supervised.
  • Swimming - Swimming is not permitted beyond 50 yards from the beach or in water over shoulder height. 
  • Piers - Jumping or diving from piers is prohibited. Aquatic activities, such as swimming and surfing are prohibited within 75 yards of piers. Fishing attracts aquatic animals that should be avoided.

Know Before You Go

The Myrtle Beach Police Department is committed to the safety and well-being of Myrtle Beach residents and the millions of tourists who flock to the popular destination each year. Please know that summer is a busy time at The Beach, and everyone is expected to follow the laws and show respect to others.

More Helpful Beach Tips

  • Put trash in receptacles.
  • Avoid playing in shallow tidal pools and stormwater drainage.

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