Culinary Tourism

Taste the essence of Myrtle Beach by trying one of our local favorites during your visit!

Culinary tourism cu·li·nar·y tour·ism {ˈkələˌnerē,ˈkyo͞oləˌnerē/ˈto͝orˌizəm/}: traveling in hope of discovering the authentic taste of a particular destination and making memories in association with the local food and drink.

During your visit to the Grand Strand, you'll find over 1700 mouth-watering options to choose from, with cuisines ranging from low country cooking and a wealth of seafood caught-fresh-daily, to traditional Italian and American fare. So come dine with us and enjoy a taste of Myrtle Beach-what will you try first?

What sets Myrtle Beach apart from other destinations?

Visitors to the Myrtle Beach area are in for a treat when it comes to culinary selections. That's because the Grand Strand features cuisine that is pleasing to every palate. Historically, the area is renowned for its fresh local seafood, which is nowhere more abundant than in Murrells Inlet, the seafood capital of South Carolina.

Toward the northern end of the Grand Strand, North Carolina-style Calabash is the cuisine of choice, with its traditional lightly-breaded, fried seafood meals. There are hundreds of different options to choose from at any number of Calabash buffets.

In the southern end of the Grand Strand, visitors will come into the heart of the Lowcountry, where chefs utilize local ingredients like stone-ground grits, shrimp, blue crab, grouper, country ham and fresh produce.

One of the staples in many Lowcountry dishes is the Carolina Gold Rice, which differs from other varieties of long-grain rice, as it has delicate texture, lack of aroma and superior cooking qualities.

Fresh to your table, Lowcountry food is an infusion of the cultural influences of the many people that settled on the land in the past; some of the flavor in these foods includes influence from: France, West Africa, and the Caribbean.

Whether you're dining alone, as a couple or with a large group, the Grand Strand has cuisine to please all guests!

Where Do The Chefs Eat?




International Culinary Institute of Myrtle Beach


The Myrtle Beach International Culinary Institute at HGTC in the Market Common is a Grand Strand treasure. They have their own bakery called Layers that is open daily with amazing pastries and treats. On Thursdays, they host a farmer's market for locals and visitors alike. For more information and scrumptious pictures, follow Layers Bakery at HGTC on Facebook.

The International Culinary Institute of Myrtle Beach at Horry Georgetown Technical College in the Market Common offers continuing education classes for visitors and locals alike! More information on the culinary classes can be found here.


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