For Rent in the Myrtle Beach Area

Perhaps you're already searching for the perfect Myrtle Beach area house, condo, townhouse or apartment but not quite ready to buy. Myrtle Beach, South Carolina is home to thousands of prime real estate rentals perfect for anyone looking to relocate to our beautiful coastline. Below we've included some online resources to help you discover your perfect rental, along with suggestions on how to find the perfect rental. Happy hunting!

Begin your search early. 

Starting your search for the perfect rental sooner, rather than later, will often yield the best results. According to real estate experts, the best time to begin looking is at the end of the previous month, when inventory is higher. If you're looking to move in on March 1, for example, you'll want to begin your search around January 25.

Consider locating a good property manager.

A property manager will be able to assist you in getting your property leased and also handle the day-to-day landlord duties such as: collecting rent, handling maintenance requests, overseeing and scheduling home repairs, lease renewals and more. A good property manager can help save you time and money in the long run.

Be ready to move. 

The perfect Myrtle Beach area rental is bound to come along, and when it does, you'll want to be ready to move on it. It usually only takes one to two days to process a rental application, and having your paperwork ready to go when your dream place is available is key. Make sure you've already attained a reference from your old landlord and done a credit check prior to an interested rental property becoming available.

Double check your credit. 

Keeping an eye on your credit is important for more than just buying a house. When renting, the higher your credit score, the more negotiating power you will likely have. A lower credit score means a future landlord is less likely to lower the rent and may require even more of a down payment.

Know your neighbors. 

Even before you move in, you should try talking to the potential neighbors and current tenants to find out more information on the property. Remember to ask about how accessible the landlord is when problems arise, what repairs need to be done on the property and what they like or don't like about living there.

Myrtle Beach Rentals

Browse the local communities below that offer annual rentals in the Myrtle Beach area. 

Additional Rental Resources

Locating the perfect Myrtle Beach area rental property is even easier with several online resources. We've included a few websites below that provide rental-seekers excellent information while they're on the hunt for a new place to call home. rental listings allow individuals to check out homes and apartments for rent in cities across the United States. Listings are accurate and up-to-date, so rental properties can be chosen with confidence. Quick rental property searches can be done by price, location and feature, and searchers can access property details and school and neighborhood date instantly. Most listings provide vivid interior and exterior photos of apartments and homes for rent, allowing you to compare floor plans with ease. makes it easy for you to choose a rental house, apartment or other rental property. Search by price, city, number of bedrooms and other features. even gives you the ability to narrow your search to specific rentals such as rent-to-own properties and lease option rentals. From rental deposits to a virtual tour of the property, each listing provides valuable rental information to help identify the rental home, apartment, townhouse, or vacation rental perfect for you. 

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